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  We're proud to introduce our team of highly experienced coaches! Coming from a variety of professional backgrounds, all hold a current credential from the International Coach Federation or have graduated from an accredited coach training program; have three or more years of experience providing one-on-one coaching services; and, have worked specifically with clients in the association and nonprofit community.

We encourage you to review their profiles and select the right coach for you.

Marshall Brown, Career Coach

Coaching Philosophy: Clients include:

Marshall Brown, Career Coach

"Unleashing & Channeling Your Power to Succeed — reflects my commitment to supporting and encouraging clients to find their passions and unique talents, while seeking additional possibilities to move from mediocre to exceptional. I serve as a coach to already successful high achievers who enjoy challenging themselves."
  • Individuals who want: career satisfaction, passion in their life and work.
  • Clients who are willing to develop a plan and take action!
  • Professionals in Association and not-for-profit professionals.

More about Marshall Brown... Click Here

Pegotty Cooper, Certified Coach, MBA

Coaching Philosophy: Clients include:

Pegotty Cooper, MBA

"To increase effectiveness in their professional and personal lives, build on strengths necessary to move to the next level of leadership and management, dismantle sometimes hidden limiting beliefs, and experience greater satisfaction in career choices, life balance, and relationships."
  • Association and corporate executive, leaders, and managers

More about Pegotty Cooper... Click Here

Carol Vernon, Certified Executive Coach

Coaching Philosophy: Clients include:

Carol Vernon

"I believe that when we fully understand and leverage our natural strengths as well as address our blind spots, we are able to move from good to great in our work and in our lives. My approach is to partner with my coaching clients to support them in refining their vision and goals for themselves and their organizations – and to help them grow their authentic executive presence."
  • Association and corporate leaders (mid- and senior-levels) committed to increasing their leadership and communication skills
  • Leaders and their teams focused on increasing team effectiveness, working relationships, and communication styles
  • Associations committed to creating a coaching culture throughout the organization

More about Carol Vernon... Click Here

Ann Ranson

Coaching Philosophy: Clients include:

Ann Ranson

"I believe that you have the answers inside – my job is to gently, yet continually guide you through a process of discovery, empowerment and action."
  • Nonprofits and association executive directors and fundraising professionals
  • Small business owners/leaders who want to achieve more clarity and results
  • Individuals who are ready to take the next step towards their personal and organizational success

More about Ann Ranson... Click Here

Penney De Pas, M.A., CAE Executive Coach

Coaching Philosophy: Clients include:

Penney De Pas

Every person is a unique and special person who has the answers deep inside of them. My role, as coach, is to help them uncover those answers. I work with executives, leaders, creative individuals, people who are starting their own businesses or large projects, and spiritual seekers Most of my clients exceed their expectations more quickly than they imagined and they find that they obtain additional benefits that they did not know they would get. “Life Just Goes Better With Coaching!”™
  • Creative individuals & entrepreneurs

  • Non-profit organization leaders

  • Professionals managers

  • People in life transitions

  • People who want to optimize their effectiveness, maximize their profitability, create balance, and free up time for creativity and self-expression

More about Penney De Pas... Click Here

June Cline, CSP, CSAC

Coaching Philosophy: Clients include:

June Cline

Get to the heart of the matter: Explore their sense of humor, experiences, actions, resiliency and trust. Executives, managers, supervisors, professional speaker, trainers, workshop leaders, family and friends...anybody with a pulse.

More about June Cline... Click Here

To start working with a coach:

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  • Order by Phone: Call our ordering department toll free at 888-491-8833

Price USD 

Three 30-Minute Coaching Sessions

The Career Coaching service matches individuals with a personal coach--a confidant, champion, and challenger who will help you:
  • Gain personalized guidance through job transitions
  • Prepare and navigate through your annual reviews
  • Leverage your behavioral and professional strengths effectively
  • Diagnose reasons for career dissatisfaction
  • Learn how to take action in networking, interviewing, and taking on new opportunities
With Career Coaching you can:
  • Learn how your behavioral style affects those you work with
  • Build a compelling value proposition for a potential employer
  • Manage change more effectively
  • Overcome hurdles that impede success
  • Sustain professional success and maintain balance
  • Get ongoing support through all phases of your career

Members: $280.00
Non Members: $350.00
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